Non-certified:  $13.7783 per hour

Certified Officer:  $14.1223 per hour for the first six months of empolyment.  After six months, and with a good performance evaluation, officers are eligable for a 2.5% raise.  This will increae the pay per hour to $14.4756.  The annual start pay after six months is $30,109.24.

Certified Officers are eligible for an increase in starting pay.

Drive-Home Vehicle:
Floyd County Police Department allows its officers to drive home their patrol vehicles, based on availability, after completion of the officer’s FTO training and live inside Floyd County.  The visibility and availability of our officers is of utmost importance in the deterrence of and response to crime.  This also allows the officer to personalize the equipment placement in the vehicle for more effective patrol.  Officers also take care of the patrol vehicle as if it is their own.









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